BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

hey all ...

I haven't posted for a while.

The cat is "O.K.", but is needing 4 pills in the morning, 2 at night. She's also puking a lot, but it otherwise acting much more chipper. Will the steroid shots make her look like Hans & Franz?

The Wife has been out of town on business, leaving The Girls to my less-than-perfect parenting ... my food/sleep schedules and theirs have very few over-laps leaving me to random bits of sleep when allowed to sit still for a few minutes, and leading me to the unsettling discovery that they are not interested in having left-over Chinese take-out and re-heated day-old coffee for breakfast ... picky little primadonnas! Good thing The Wife returns tonight.

I have at least one more poem to go up here. I have not had the requisite "sit and fill time" time to write of late.

I had PLANNED to have the bare-bones of the Big Poetry Site up and running on Friday ... but due to scheduling conflicts with the aforementioned offspring, this will be put off till the next acceptable astrological window (damn, it gets complicated being me!).


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