BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

exhausted ...

Yowza ... I'm beat! I (with some minimal help from The Girls) spent all day digging out the front bathroom. This is an early birthday present for The Wife (who has been asking if we could please get the use of that back), and today was the only day we had a chance of "surprising" her with it (as The Girls got out of school at noon, and The Wife was off at some training all day).

Now, you may recall that our building replaced all the windows (in a 52-story highrise) a couple of years back, and they got to our place mid-July in 2005. In order to make this happen, all units had to do some MAJOR "shit shifting", moving anything that was near the windows away from the windows ... which turned into a bit of a nightmare project (I'm still dealing with assorted things that are forlornly sitting in random boxes from having been "disturbed" from their original "natural setting" in that debacle). In the course of this, a lot of "stuff" from around the apartment (ok, the majority of which was crap from my office) got stacked up in the front bathroom, not only filling the bathtub to about 7' in height (that's still like that), but pretty much using all the rest of the space up to the point were the door swings in. Of course, over the nearly 2 years that it's been like that more crap got offhandedly tossed in there (like the pool toys from last summer, for a handy example), creating quite a challenge to un-do.

While this project is not finished (there are various boxes and bags and computer bits in the hallways), the bathroom is open, clear (well, if you don't look behind the shower curtain!), and functional. Right now I'm just waiting for the Alleve to kick in!

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