BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

hmmm ... let's do the math ...

Gee ... the Permanent Account sale must be doing huge business for SixApart ... just saw in the news that the leading charity, RAINN, is due to get $26,000.00 from those $25-per-account contributions, which is over a thousand sold right there, and, assuming that the other three charities aren't lagging way behind, that means that they've already sold several thousand Permanent Accounts in that initial period. With the sales window open for a week, I wonder how many they'll end up selling ... five thousand? ... ten thousand? That's a heck of a cash infusion.

What seems odd about this is that, in the past, brad would just open it to sell a couple of hundred (usually just enough to raise a specific amount for a new server or something) and shut it down when those were gone, with the sale rarely lasting the weekend.

Also, as of April of 2006, there were only 1,638 Permanent Accounts, so the "donation drive" part of this sale has certainly already more than doubled that figure. Somehow I don't "feel so special" any more!

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