BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Fireworks ...

We ended up missing both the big City fireworks show on the 3rd down in Grant Park and the "enhanced" Wednesday show at Navy Pier this year ... in both cases we were all just too beat from other stuff to drag ourselves out late to catch these. However, I wish I'd manage to get some sort of picture shot of what we were able to see from our livingroom last night!

As I've posted previously, we have quite the view up here, and last night there was almost an unbroken arc of fireworks from WNW to NNE, with various neighborhoods, suburbs, and individual fireworks displays going up. I was originally going to say that terminated at due north, but there were folks shooting stuff off at the Fullerton and North Avenue beaches as well.

While most of this is off in the distance (so we don't see much detail), it is amazing for the sheer number of explosions going off at any one time ... pretty much the whole horizon line lit up in a flashing array of color and sparkles. It would have been very cool to have been able to set up a camera with a wide-angle lens and a long exposure to capture this! It was almost better than having been out to see one of the major shows here.

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