BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Interview ...

Well, I think it went "fine", but don't have much of a read on where I stand.

It turns out that I'm one of eight people (out of "a whole stack of resumes") that they're interviewing, and that 2-3 will be called back in a week or so. While the body of the interview seemed to be good (I came up with several marketing ideas that would be on-target for their business that they hadn't tried), there felt to be more "closure" at the end than I would have expected were I firmly on the call-back list. Again, there was no "thanks, but no thanks", but also no "you're our guy!" either.

I am a bit of an odd fit for the company, which is a non-profit, and the division of a bigger non-profit, in that I'm ultimately coming out of "corporate" P.R. (plus my publishing, plus the I.T., plus the tutoring biz) and I sort of feel that was a "negative" from where they were sitting. I think I would have had a better reception if I was coming from some neighborhood association (and in "business casual" dress) rather than having been in a pin-stripe suit and having done P.R. primarily for Wall Street blue-chips.

Oh, well. We'll see how this plays out. It would be a very cool place to work, and the company is growing by leaps and bounds. I'm sort of hoping hat the fact that I have worked for very large corporations, yet have been in small entrepreneurial settings will be the sort of mix that they envision needing as they expand!

Thanks for all the well-wishes in the comments to my previous post!

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