BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, isn't that "special" ...

I sort of inadvertently did something "special" for 7/7/7 ... it has been a very long time (at least to my recall) that I've finished two books on one day, but I managed to knock out the rest of two out of the current four books that I've been reading while The Girls were in their classes up at Dojo.

I have been hesitant to allow this to happen (there have been times when I suppose I could have done this when close to finishing multiple books), but since "date finished" is one of the prime sort criteria in my LibraryThing catalog, I've worried that they'd stay in proper order (a bit like twins, I suppose). Of course, as long as I recall which goes first it will end up being OK (since the primary sort criteria defaults to "shelf position"), but it's a somewhat notable occurrence in my strange little corner of the universe!

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