BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

An odd day ...

Well, we set out to go have lunch (at a bar, how ironic) to do a late celebration of my sobriety and then go to a movie, but things got screwed up. I don't know what the deal was up on Division Street, though. We were going to have lunch up at Finn McCool's (we have gift certificates) but when we got there around noon (it's scheduled to open at 11am) it was closed. Not only was it closed, but both Shenanigans and Butch McGuire's across the street were closed, as was The Lodge, as was the pizza place, all of which regularly are open for brunch on Sundays. Since the beer signs were on, it must not have been a power issue, so I'm guessing there was some water problem up there. It's been in the mid-90's, so a lot of "system failure" possibilities are in play, but I'm surprised that I couldn't find anything on the web about a Division St. shut-down.

Unfortunately, we had been cutting the time short, so by the time we got a "plan B" worked out, we were not likely to make the movie showing we were planning on. We ended up getting on a #22 bus at Clark & Division, which then sat there for 10 minutes before the driver told us it was broken! We ended up going downstairs to take the El down to Grand, and figured we'd find some place to eat down there. We looked at both the Rock Bottom and the Weber Grill, but neither had a kids' menu, and I just hate being charged $10 for a fucking hamburger, so we kept walking towards Michigan, hoping to find something near the theater. We decided to pop up to the food court at the Nordstrom's mall, but came in through the back way (through the store). We noticed the little cafe they have there, which did have a kids' menu (and some interesting salads), so we opted for that. The sandwich prices were a bit high (I'm not real enthused about paying $9 for a panini) but they had a couple of entrees that were a DEAL ... I had a beautiful grilled hunk of salmon with very nice roast veggies for half of what they could have gotten for that (it was under $12) ... so that worked out well.

According to the newspaper, the next available movie time (at the other theater) was 3:10, so we took The Girls down to the Lego Store to kill some time on the play tables. When we got to the theater, though, we found that there were more showtimes than had been listed, so we could have seen the movie (Ratatouille ... review to follow) an hour earlier, had we known. Strangely, the movie only depressed me (a lot of reasons for that), and we came home and I'm in my office writing this.

All in all, the day was pretty fucked up, but ended up not being a total disaster.

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