BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Settin' up shop in SL ...

Yeah, I know it's nuthin' fancy, but I just opened up an information kiosk for The Wife's tutoring biz over in SecondLife ... as our "franchise territory" is limited to Chicago, I was looking for something in S.L. that would, perhaps, be a "Chicago zone". Unfortunately, it seems like there are only two areas like this, the Four Deuces area (it's anchored by a casino) which has things emulating the Palmer House, the Art Institute, and Navy Pier, but nothing "informal", and the Maxwell Street area, which is a gritty, run-down, 50-60's era emulation of the old open-air urban market that went away in the 90's as the UIC campus took over the area.

This image is of our "shack" ... although it looks a bit odd as it's backing up on a different "land" which has palm trees and stuff! Most of the other street ends there have trompe d'oeil scenes of some part of Chicago or another, and I'm hoping they'll put one up back there.

I'm eventually going to have a free t-shirt box, and a couple of "info" things that will give out .pdf files of our info card (which is what I did big for the posters) and the ClubZ! newsletter. Whoop-de-doop, I know.

Why do this? Well, "because I can"? The rent on these street kiosks (and this is one of the nice ones, most are just "a door on two crates"!) is only 20 "Lindens" per week and, given that the Linden was (last time I bought some) trading at L$10 for about 4¢, this means it's costing us a whopping 80¢ for a 10-week rental. This also gives me something concrete to work on to learn "how to do SL" ... I'm not good at just mucking about on things unless I have a "goal" (my first "build" in SL was some nice bookshelves for my "apartment" there).

Anyway, if you're on SL and bored, come by Maxwell Street ... my SL name is "Eschatos Graves" (all spooky like, y'know).

Visit the BTRIPP home page!

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