BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

An update ...

Yeah, I know, you were just dying to know how that info kiosk I've been setting up in Second Life is coming along ...

I've used up 5 of my 7 "prims" so far ... and everything in the booth is clickable. The two posters launch the web browser and drop people off at the web page, the newsletter launches the browser and pulls up the .pdf file of that, and the card does the same with the .pdf file of its front and back. I had a fairly ugly fight with the gal who had been helping me with everything ... she was adamant about not liking .pdf files as they are "out of world", but I pointed out that a lot of the "magazine" vendors there have clickable stuff that just dumps you at their web site and you have to d/l the .pdf from there, so I think my solution is "more elegant".

I was feeling bad that the stuff in the kiosk was not following the "run down" feeling of the Maxwell Street area, so I whipped up the torn cardboard sign this evening. It took some doing (largely because to do one of these things where you're putting a texture on a transparent "prim" you need to have it in a 32-bit .TGA format, which I was not sure I was going to be able to produce (but, obviously, I did). I found a large "cardboard" texture file and "ripped cardboard" border, but the two together, and "spraypainted" the message ... which I think looks quite real!

Again, I'm not expecting this to be a huge traffic builder, but "Maxwell Street" is one of the few "Chicago" areas on S.L., so I'm hoping that maybe Chicago folks will end up wandering in, think it's cute that we're in there like this, and check us out. Given that it's costing us a whopping 8¢ per week to have this up, I think we can afford it.

It's a pain, though, how little instructional material there is for scripting things in S.L. ... I had "issues" with both of the hand-out things, which I finally got cleared up today. I've had more people tell me over there that I should "just go to such-and-so", when I'd already been to such-and-so a half a dozen times looking for info! Makes me crazy!

I'm still planning on having a "giveaway" box there, probably with an "imprinted" coffee cup. I went in search of a cup to use today, but all the ones I could find were "no copy, no modify". Jerks! So, I ended up building my own from 3 "prims", a hollow cylinder, a disk, and a half torus ... it looks pretty damn good too ... I just need to get the graphic figured out for the wrap-around image now.

All in all, this has taken me a couple of days of development work, but it potentially puts a LOT of information into the hands of anybody who happens by. I just wish there was some way of "driving traffic", especially actual Real World Chicagoans. The Blues club in the Maxwell Street zone, "Blue Lou's", had a live concert this evening, which was pretty cool (if lacking crowd noise, and musician "presence"), and if they keep that up there will certainly be more bodies wandering around "the neighborhood".

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