BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Decisions, decisions, decisions ...

So, I've just sort of become aware that the big Second Life real-world Convention is coming to Chicago next month, and will even be at a downtown hotel that would be an easy bus/El ride for me (as opposed to those conventions which "come to Chicago" but are actually in some suburban need-to-drive-to-get-there exhibit hall).

If that's not a siren song in reply to my "give me convenience or give me death" battle-cry, I don't know what is. However, I'm hesitant. The cost of this is not insane at $185.00 ... but that's still a lot of bucks to throw at something where you don't have a clear goal involved. Now, having been a CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) in a previous phase of my life, I have attended (and run various aspects of) many conventions, but these have always been professional affairs, with clearly defined projects and objectives. Even when I was running Eschaton, the Cons I'd be at were 90% vending opportunities and only about 10% "community" events for me. The only "fan" convention I've ever gone to was the big Dr. Who "Tardis 22" con in Chicago in 1985 ... and the "fannish" aspects of that (which were certainly tame in comparison to the stories I've heard from other cons reported on in my Friends List!) really creeped me out, to the extent that I've not even been tempted to attend another.

However, I'm fascinated by the possibilities of Second Life from a marketing perspective (as, it appears, are Amazon and eBay, who I understand have bought chunks of Linden Lab stock), and I would certainly like to know more (heck, I wouldn't mind becoming an "expert" that could then freelance with various groups wanting to get in on S.L.). So, I guess I'm trying to sort through the info to be able to convince myself that there will be enough training content involved and won't just be a lot of people trying to manifest their S.L. characters in real life!

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