BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well, I promised some pictures ...

It was a "big day" today. One of my Fathers Day gifts was an outing to Wrigley Field, and today was the day. We couldn't have asked for better weather ... partially cloudy, mid-70s, a hint of a breeze (blowing in). Unfortunately, the Cubbies seem to have decided to take a siesta this weekend and didn't manage to score, losing their second in a row to the Diamondbacks and dropping back to 3½ behind the Brewers.

This was sort of an off-handed panorama I shot between innings. More proof that "there are no bad seats at Wrigley Field", we were up in the nose-bleed seats at the very top of the right-field grandstand and had a great view of everything but balls near the foul line. One of the things we had a good view of (clear across the stadium) was the location of my old season seats (I had the weekend, and then weekend and night, package up till about '92). Those were awesome seats ... fond memories.

There I am ... not a horrible shot of me. We made t-shirts up for the event (I know, it creeped me out too), with 3 saying "Takin' Daddy to the CUBS Game!" and one saying "Daddy's Goin' to the CUBS Game!" (as pictured here), although The Wife refused to wear hers. I figured that spending $20 on a pack of t-shirts and a pack of ink-jet transfers would save a LOT of "souvenir whining" at the ballpark, and The Girls did seem to be content with just getting one small tchotchke each at the end of the game.

Before heading out we dug into the back of a closet and took our pick of the dozen or so Cubs hats that I'd acquired at promo days and special events over the years (Daughter #1 opted for a Ball Park Franks "road" cap, Daughter #2 picked a Bud Light "Cubbie" visor, and I got a standard Chicago Tribune cap) ... although it was tempting to flaunt my history by wearing one of the "opening night" 8/8/88 caps, or the All Star Game cap, or one of the Division Championship caps, but it ended up seeming more prudent to leave those gems safely at home!

Finally ... I'd mentioned the new bathroom floor I'd put in over the past week or so ... well, it's still not 100% finished (I haven't sealed the grout yet), but here's a shot I took of it this evening ...

I know you were just dying to see that!

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