BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, did I mention ...

I'm not going to be on-line for a couple of days. I'm taking The Girls up to Wisconsin this weekend for the annual Turkey Roast that some college buddies of mine have been doing since they were in highschool (I think this may be the 30th year). I had actually thought we'd missed it (I didn't recall seeing an "official invite" this year) but had a call last weekend from one of the primary co-conspirators who was saying his daughter was asking if Daughter #1 was going to be there. As things played out, I was able to get a half-price deal via HotWire at a Hampton Inns (making it about as cheap as the Motel6) and found an Enterprise here that had an amazing special ($10.99/day for an "Intermediate" car), so I was able to put together the trip at the last minute.

I'm going to be picking up the car around noon, getting it packed, picking up The Girls from camp around 3pm and then heading off. Hopefully that will be early enough to miss the worst of the traffic ... the mapping things say the driving time is about 3½ hours up to Green Bay, but I've had times when it's taken that long just to get up to Milwaukee. I told The Girls that they could go swimming at the hotel pool if we got in at a semi-decent hour, and if we could make it up there in 5 hours (with grabbing dinner on the way and gas/potty breaks) that might work.

Anyway ... try to hold the posting down to a dull roar so I wont have 300+ things on my FL to plow through when I get back!

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