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Well ... two poems in a row, whaddayano ... isn't that amazing ... was killing time yesterday whilst Daughter #1 attended a birthday party for a friend ... whoo-hooo ... of course, if I was really any good at Network Marketing I would have been in circulation "working" the other parents, but I guess I'm a moody loner first, and Marketing Man second!

                    NOT WHAT IS WITHIN IT

                    a radiant element
                    a shaft of steel
                    a redundant vision
                    with the power to kill
                    waves of delusion
                    in the structure of pain
                    we hold within stasis
                    yet hope to attain

                    from every outside
                    from center to edge
                    expansion occurring
                    advanced by the blast
                    unsteady suspension
                    with facades of life
                    long absent systems
                    coming to light

                    ours are unable
                    no matter intent
                    the matrix has scrambled
                    causality's web
                    no matter the purpose
                    regardless the frame
                    the status descending
                    with whole worlds to blame

                    and it
                    cycles downward
                    and it
                    forever persists
                    and it
                    defines all being
                    and it
                    culls what exists

                    of these forms
                    what maintains,
                    the burning sun,
                    the depth of night,
                    the hand of death,
                    endless space,
                    or the inevitable
                    return to place?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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