BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A provisional "woot" ...

I may, just maybe, have a "temporary" job!

I'm waiting to hear, but it looks pretty good that I might be going into a 20-week assignment with a MAJOR not-for-profit which will involve training me in "development" (aka corporate fund-raising) while actually paying me something. I'm unclear on the details so far (this has been a strange dance of being handed off "down" the chain of command over the past week or so), but the news this morning was that the program did, indeed, need one more body and they wanted me to get this pre-screening survey in ASAP (I had it back to the HR gal within a half hour), especially because the training part of the program started on Monday (so I will be playing catch-up to a certain extent, but I'm a bright lad so should not be too crippled by the late start).

What's great about this (aside from actually getting paid) is that it will be training me for non-profit "Development", and there are a bazillion jobs out there for folks with this sort of skill set. If it plays out that I can't stay with the Big Name Charity involved (I'm unclear on the temp-to-perm possibilities there), I should be able, five months hence, to roll right out into a decent gig at some other non-profit organization!

So, I'm waiting to hear. Tomorrow morning I might be in a suit and tie and sitting in an office downtown ... which, while not being as "ideal" as sitting here blogging in my undies, certainly has better prospects for being able to not lose our home!

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