BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

When it rains, it pours ... I guess!

OK, so (as detailed in the previous two posts), I have an interview tomorrow morning for this temporary (20 weeks) "Development" gig with a Major Charity Organization.

What happened this afternoon? I get a call from another non-profit about a Community Relations Coordinator position that a fellow C.T.C. client (who had recently been hired there in a completely different area) had passed along my resume for! This will be just a preliminary phone interview (and in two weeks, which tells me they're not desperate to fill the position!), but having TWO interviews booked on one day is amazing!

What would be really cool is if the second job could wait as long as the other 18 weeks of the temporary gig for me to come on board full-time. Of course, that's counting multiple chickens way before they've hatched, but it's nice for once to have a bunch of "good news" on the job search!

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