BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

another "pissed off in church" poem ...

As much as I enjoy 2U and Unitarian Universalism in general (especially in relation to "trinitarian" churches), there is a deep "social action" streak up there that rubs the "Wotansvolk" in me the wrong way. Fortunately, most of the time they are fairly libertarian in the stances taken in the services, but every once in a while, they turn the service over to one of the "leftist crusaders" and today was one of those days. While this was not as bad as the last time (when I had to walk out on the sermon to go write a poem outside), I did get worked up enough to write "in silent protest" today. I had some time to get this typed up, and since (miracles!) LiveJournal seems to be functioning at the moment, I figured I'd post it while I can:

                    AGAINST THE WEAKER FRAME

                    these are the points
                    where we diverge
                    these the junctures
                    where stances separate
                    and views dramatically
                    shift apart
                    so many points agreed
                    so many points at war

                    this is preaching weakness
                    this is preaching rule
                    by the teeming mass
                    by the low-bred mob
                    they have nothing for me
                    I stand apart
                    and seek to see
                    how to better steer

                    alternate paths
                    tease my vision
                    they hover around perception
                    and suggest new modes
                    which might be grasped
                    and dragged into the real
                    new, starker modes
                    of blood and steel

                    this is no freedom
                    that they preach
                    this is twisted chain
                    inversion of perversions
                    from one cruel grip
                    into another more velvet fist
                    this is madness
                    stupidity and ignorance

                    were I to walk
                    into new paths
                    how could I move
                    within these ways?
                    how much hate
                    might the vermin spew
                    against the truth
                    for which I stand?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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