BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Amazed, as always ...

Now, admittedly, TigerDirect has one of its main shipping warehouses just out in the "industrial suburbs" of Chicago (a few miles west of Midway), but it always amazes me that I can order something the afternoon of Day X, and it will be here on Day X+1 ... maybe it's just a confluence of the locations of TigerDirect, UPS, and my downtown location (the package left the TigerDirect facility at 12:12am, arrived at the UPS facility at 12:41am, and has been "out for delivery" since 5:45am), and my experience with this is not typical, but it always seems unnatural that something I've ordered over the internet should arrive here in less than 24 hours ... heck, it almost seems magical!

I guess I'm just manifesting my Fogeyhood here ... heck, I can remember dial telephones, and phones that you had to lease from the phone company ... hear me, whippersnappers? ... but this level of efficiency never ceases to amaze me!

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