BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hot, sticky ... hot, sticky ...


I just got in and I look like I took a dip in the lake. When I headed out at about 11:30am (going to a luncheon by the CVENT people down at the Gleacher Center, which was fabulous, who knew they had Wolfgang Puck's group as the in-house caterer?!) it was lovely outside, so much so that I had even contemplated walking down Michigan Ave. to get there. But when I got OUT ... geez! The humidity had skyrocketed, there were strange fog/clouds things happening all around the Hancock, and it felt like it was 95°!

I ducked into the Nordstroms' mall to hit the Lego store (they're having a clearance on "factory bags" of 4 different style pieces, some originally over five bucks, all for 98¢ each, so I figured I'd add something to The Girls' Lego bucket), then went up Grand to the Red Line stop. Re-filled my CTA Card on the way in and just made it down the stairs to catch the train (which helped, rather than having to sit in the humid tunnel waiting for the next one), took it two stops up to Clark & Division and walked home. In that amount of time I absolutely soaked through my shirt. Amazing ... and not in a good way.

As far as "good" amazing things, the thing I ordered yesterday (a "1-button back-up" external HD) from TigerDirect was waiting for me in our package room. Now I can quit doing "drag & drop" on the other external unit and use that to archive everything on the "old" systems before passing those along.

Speaking of "old" systems vs. "new" systems ... I wonder how long it's going to take Linden Labs to port over SecondLife to work on Vista? I was telling the father of one of Daughter #1's school friends about it, and pulled up the "requirements" page to send him, and was reminded that SL won't work on Vista. Since I have been contemplating maybe having to get a new system one of these days (if I do end up doing some sort of "SL consulting" work, I should have some "currenter" tech than this 3-4 year old unit, and with more muscular video), I was wondering what folks who upgrade to new systems (running Vista) do? Keep the old machine just for SL? One more thing to have dinging around in my brain for months, I guess ...

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