BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

That's interesting ...

I didn't see any notice of this, from either news or from cryo, but somewhere between when that S.F. power outage hit and this morning, has been re-directed away from and now mirrors the page. I was having some "connection issues" for a bit this morning and decided to check status, and was surprised to find the "corporate" page showing up rather than the long-time Warped page.

Given the "corporate weaselness" that's been oozing out of SixApart, I'm wondering if they even notified cryo about the change. It would be, sadly enough, pretty typical for them to just re-direct the URL to their own page without even a "thank you" to cryo/Warped for years of providing that essential information conduit for free!

This coming on the heels of brad leaving SixApart a coincidence? I suspect not. Without brad on board to provide "context", a lot of the community feel that was still hanging on from the early days of LJ is likely to be "tidied up" by corporate flunkies who just see "loose ends" where those involved on the user end saw "participation".

While being a minor issue, this sure feels like it's a sad day for LiveJournal.

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