BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I know you were worried ...

Yes, you remember. I was trying to get a better system for backing up my computer's HD than just drag-and-drop, but was coming up empty on alternative ideas. Well ... the problem seems to be solved. I'm sure you're relieved.

As noted, I recently got a package from TigerDirect ... this was yet another external HD. Yes, I had just gotten one, but I was trying to get multiple old computers organized and I decided that I wanted one HD for all that old stuff and one for backing up the current stuff, and so I opted to switch over the Iomega external HD that I'd gotten earlier to deal with the other computers and got a "1-touch back-up" Maxtor drive. For well under a hundred bucks I now have a drive (with software) that will not only back up things on a schedule (currently in the pre-dawn hours on Sunday mornings), but will also do so with a touch of a button. Simple, easy, even automatic. Yay. Plus it's about 2.5x my system's HD, so there's lots of room to dump other stuff on there (one thing I thought of doing was to transfer all the files of about a dozen font collection CDs onto that, so they'd be handy if I want to use them). So you can quit worrying about how Brendan's going to back-up his system!

Now, backing up my HD has been something that has been sort of top-of-mind since that crash a while back which ended up with my having to re-build my current system. I'm still having some "issues" with Second Life where it's just asking too much of my computer and it crashes and reboots, and this has made me rather nervous. Today I activated the new Voice thing in SL (which is, admittedly, pretty cool), and in the process of doing so (in a workshop on the subject that ISTE was running) my computer ended up crashing and rebooting twice in a half-hour period. I guess I'm going to have to use that Voice option sparingly!

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