BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

What to do? Where to go?

Man ...

The Wife cornered me for one of those "angst fests" this morning. Once again, she's highlighting the factoid that we have maybe 2-3 months of liquidity left, after which there is a gaping hole in our reality.

Needless to say, I point out that I have been doing everything that I can come up with to get a job (short of lining up for day labor), but can't figure a way to "get blood from a stone" ... I can't make people consider me for jobs, all I can do is to get my resume in front of them. She keeps thinking that if we sell our condo and move "someplace else" it will solve something. I keep pointing out that we currently have only a condo assessment and tax bill to deal with for housing expenses, and that the total of that would be unlikely to make rent on a 2-bedroom apartment (let alone anything the size of what we have) anywhere in the city that we would want to have The Girls going to school. Just because we live in the middle of the Gold Coast, where we can't afford to shop (the "neighborhood places" are things like Prada, Barney's, Jill Sander, etc.) does not mean our "living expenses" will plummet by moving to a less ritzy neighborhood!

I have countered with the possibility of moving. Moving from Chicago. Moving to ... somewhere.

The problem being, of course, is "where?". I have never had any particular desire to live anyplace other than where we do currently (OK, so a nice condo on Central Park South in NYC would be lovely, but I'm not going for miracles here), so I am at a loss to suggest anything other than "general concepts".

We don't like heat, so anything in the South or SouthWest is out (or we'd move down to Phoenix, where my father-in-law lives), we both like mountains, and I'd probably go crazy if I couldn't at least get to a City. At various times I've thought of places like Cheyenne, Wyoming or something in Idaho, or Montana, or the Dakotas. We have that little piece of land in Colorado, too ... but the area it's in is not exactly the sort of place that we'd be likely to easily find "professional" jobs. Heck, Salt Lake City has come to mind, but the problems that scottks (and recently meredith) have had with employment searches there have made me assume that it would just be "more of the same" for us.

We need to find a place that two middle-aged professional people could (quickly) find jobs, that has a reasonably priced housing market, and has good schools (The Girls are going into 6th and 2nd grade respectively).

Anybody have any suggestions?

Needless to say, I'm the only person involved here who thinks the previously-detailed "Cuzco option" is viable. I'm suspecting that The Wife currently prefers the "Daddy gets run over by the bus so we can collect insurance" option at this point (although I know that The Girls are against it).

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