BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Bummer ...

I had a phone pre-interview today for a "Community Relations Coordinator" gig with a local non-profit. The exec who was doing the interview was very positive on my skills, etc., but said that she probably wouldn't have had me in the candidate mix if it wasn't for a friend of mine from the Career Transitions Center (who had recently gotten a job there) passing along my resume to her, and was pretty much just doing it as a courtesy to him. Why? Because reading my resume she was pretty sure that I couldn't take the dollars the job paid. And, she was right ... especially after The Wife did that Excel break-down on our finances ... it was paying about 1/3rd of what I'd be needing to bring in if we were going to stay in Chicago. How depressing. Too bad we can't magically reduce our "needs" to 1/3 of what they currently are, because at that point I could take a job (and this one sounded like it would great for me, on a "functional" basis) like this and The Wife would be making "enough" with the Tutoring biz.

I did mention that we were heading off to look at places to possibly move, and she did tell me to call if I thought I could work for those dollars (which is nice, as it means I'm her "ideal candidate" as far as what I'd bring to the job) when I got back. Pity that I can't see anyway that it could work out.

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