BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well ... we're off ...

This might be more fun if it wasn't what it was for.

It would also be a lot more fun if there wasn't going to be 7 hour drives nearly every day.

Oh, well. As of tomorrow morning we're on our Denver - Cheyenne - Billings - Bozeman - Spokane - Boise - SLC - Denver circuit, taking a look (and really, that's all the time we're going to have, just to look around and try to get the "feel" of each place) at each city and see if any have an intrinsic appeal. We have friends in Bozeman and in SLC, and "contacts" in Billings and Spokane. I still keep waiting to wake up and find this was all a twisted dream.

Yesterday morning I ran up to BestBuy and got a wireless card for my laptop. Yep. I've had the laptop for 5 years and this is the first time it's hooked up to get wireless signals. It was blessedly easy to set up too ... which is good, because I've had a whole hell of a lot of stress the past few days! Anyway, we're bringing it along, so you should be hearing from me, at least from the hotels that have free internet service.

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