BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, and ...

Tonight was the start of the Second Life convention. I had volunteered to help with stuff there (before all the other shit hit the fan), so I was down there by 3:30pm to help get everybody registered starting at 4pm.

This was, of course, following my having driven the (very pricey one-way) rental car that we used to get (through the storm) from Indianapolis last night out to O'Hare to return it to National, then go stand in a long line of similarly disgruntled fliers at United's baggage services, eventually finding our five bags in three locations, loading all of this stuff onto one wheeled cart, and dragging that through the sauna-like lower reaches of O'Hare (I guess not all systems are back up there) down to the El, taking that the hour-ish it takes to get downtown, dragging the large cartload of luggage back up to street level, grabbing a cab, and eventually re-connecting our stuff with our place.

Fortunately, the conference schedule was not as I had anticipated it, and there really wasn't much going on tonight down there, so I was able to cut out about 7pm and come home, a good thing given that I'm running on a couple of nights of 4 or less hours of sleep. Of course, I need to be back down there at 7am, so I'm looking at having to crash soon even if I want to get six hours of sleep tonight. Bleh.

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