BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


I'm getting hit with that spam thing again!

Some motherfucker out there is "forging" my domain as the return address on bazillion pieces of spam (and requests to join various groups), so I'm getting hundreds of "bounced" spam.

Needless to say, this drives me nuts. I'm hoping that things like SpamHaus are on top of things enough to realize that it's NOT my domain that's sending this, but the various actual IP addresses, but I frequently find that (in the wake of one of these episodes) that has been "blacklisted" by individual spam-blocking programs as a result of this, and that will, from time to time, end up screwing up my mail (I'd sent a note to an old friend some months back and he never saw it, having ended up in his spam folder until I asked him in person about it).

I know that "I'm asking for it" having a "catchall" account, but I like to be able to specify a name "on the fly" when I'm putting in info on a form (i.e. corporatename@ so I can later see who's selling their lists), but it really pisses me off that there's nothing I can do about this crap!

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