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While I'm catching up with stuff ...

You were dying to know how SLCC07 went, weren't you?

Well, if you were to believe The Press, this is how the Convention looked:

... complete with furries, semi-furries, bondage fairies, and assorted other ill-socialized types.

When, in fact, 90% of the time, this is how the Convention looked:

... featuring corporate representatives, major charities, and developers of assorted stripes.

Also, if you believe The Press, the whole conference was all about cybersex.

I attended most of the "MacArthur meta-track", ping-ponging between the Business and Education tracks, with the occasional venture into the Social and Machinima tracks. Here's the list of what I was at:
          MacArthur Foundation Keynote
          I.P. Rights and the Law in S.L.
          Humanities and the Arts
          Corporate Design
          Teens Making Machinima within Non-Profits
          User Acceptance
          Art World Market
          S.L. Developers
          Best Practices Bringing Non-Profits into S.L.
          Events and Marketing in S.L.
          Case Studies: Selling Real-Life Products
          Role of Philanthropy in Virtual Worlds
          S.L. and the Media

It's too bad that nearly all the post-convention ink concentrated on the one party and one workshop. There was a lot of serious work being done there!

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