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Ouch ...

I did something to screw up my knee on Monday night (I think it was illustrating to Daughter #1 what she had been doing wrong at the Dojo in terms of "roundhouse' vs. straight kicks ... but I don't recall any discomfort at the time), and I was barely able to walk on Tuesday. It was still very painful on Wednesday, but I (of course) still let myself get talked into taking The Girls out on one of the swan boats in the lagoon (which I had to pedal to make go). Actually, that seemed to help (it was NOT very comfortable at the time, however), but today I was faced with the prospect of a) getting down to the loop, b) finding the right train station, c) getting on the right train (out to Elgin), d) getting off at the right stop in Elgin, e) rushing like mad to get to the bus terminal to catch the bus that left 5 minutes after the train got there, f) taking the bus to the right stop at the juncture of two "highways", and g) walking 14 blocks to get to a meeting in East Dundee, IL (in "the land beyond O'Hare") at 1:00, and I decided that I really didn't want to do that on a potentially gimpy knee. So, instead I rented a car. $80.00 later I had successfully found my way to East Dundee (which is really Mayberry, but without the southern drawls), had the meeting, and drove back to civilization. Man, I just HATE driving. HOW can people stand to live in the suburbs? I think I'd rather be stuck in an iron lung than to HAVE to drive everywhere! Everytime I have to rent a car it reminds me how much I hate them. Bleh. I do NOT understand these "car fetishists" who spend all their time drooling over them.

The "news" is that I may have a job. It will, unfortunately, be paying me about 1/3 of what I need to be making, but it will have the advantage of being from home, with a reasonably flexible schedule, which will allow me to keep doing some of my other stuff (especially since this is only for 40 hours a week ... and since I'm typically "working" 100 hours a week ... I'll still have the other 60 hours for my own stuff). Actually, I have ONE "job" for sure, which is a "freelance" gig for doing a bi-monthly newsletter, and they say it's about 90% sure I'll get the other. More details to follow.

Anyway, I got out there about an hour early for my appointment (got to leave lots of time for getting lost in the suburbs, where the street names change every couple of miles!), so settled in for a cup of coffee and some lunch at the local eatery and got this written ...

                    THE EDGE, TOO SHINY

                    in distance, bled,
                    in strange surround
                    set in contexts
                    so alien,
                    we take the draining mode
                    to seek the boons
                    of foreign shades
                    offering vague hope

                    this worries me
                    the frame of this
                    to bend to winds
                    we know blow hot
                    then enter into
                    such realms of green
                    that seem wrong colored
                    not faded greys

                    and yet within
                    this uneasy stage
                    we may find structure
                    which would allow
                    all other things to bloom
                    we might discover a path unseen
                    yet pointed to
                    in long passed pasts

                    so here we are
                    as though the act
                    of far arrivings
                    would lend the weight
                    to shift the scale;
                    here we make
                    the arcane mark
                    and hope that will empowers

                    so, call up powers
                    to my aid
                    to stand with me
                    and press my cause,
                    raise the forces
                    which drive the need
                    to open up the future
                    easy, bright and clear

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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