BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

hmmm ...

I have a computer issue and I'm not exactly sure what to do ...

So, my birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks ... and I'm turning 50 ... and, needless to say, given the current financial chaos, what might have been a multi-facteted blow-out is likely to be a subdued affair. The Wife has been wanting me to detail what I'd want for my birthday, but I've been so concentrated on not wanting anything, that I'm drawing a blank. She has suggested that this could be a good opportunity for me to upgrade stuff on my computer.

Now, the computer issue that I'm having is a continuation of previous issues with SecondLife ... I will, not infrequently, have a sudden crash, sometimes right into a reboot, sometimes just a black screen that requires me to power down the computer. I am assuming this is an issue with the video card that I got to run SL some months back, although I really can't be sure. Back then (when I had that major system problem) I had upgraded my machine's power supply (to 350w) and RAM (to 1g), and got the least expensive card that would support SL.

My question is: would it make any sense for me to ask for a new video card that would cost 1/4 of what a new system (given my propensity of getting cheapo systems) would, only to be looking to replace my system in a year or so anyway?

Feedback appreciated.

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