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Spent most of the day listening to Art Bell while feeding envelopes into the ink-jet printer for a 1,000 piece mailing I'm getting out (Unicity stuff) this weekend. Yep, that's my big Labor Day weekend plan ... get this mailing out the door. I have almost everything ready ... I just need to write the letter that's going out with these ... I'm sort of doing an "introduction" for Unicty to the folks in my building (600+ units), plus a couple of other lists, sending out my card, a note, and this really awesome "newspaper" about our flagship product BiosLife2. I got half the envelopes done this afternoon, and hope to have the other half done before I crash ... then all I'll have to do is write the letter, print out 1,000 copies, get everything folded, and stuff the envelopes. Sigh ... yeah, it sounds like it will take ALL weekend!

                    LOST, UNABLE, TOO EXTREME

                    stressed together
                    hard apart
                    set in wrong context
                    unable to array
                    the forces and currents
                    the gravity wells
                    which warp all our vectors
                    and blunt our intents

                    these days
                    are grey with doubt
                    these days
                    are red with pain
                    a thick miasma
                    a whirlpool spin
                    filled with strivings
                    all unattained

                    every function
                    devolves to question
                    every act
                    has shadowed fear
                    we do not know
                    what's our direction
                    we can not see
                    what's far or near

                    every plan
                    has fallen empty
                    every future
                    dissolves to mist
                    all our hopes
                    and dreams and prayer
                    fall broken
                    abandoned in the dawn

                    not even madness
                    is a retreat
                    for beneath the facade
                    this thin veneer
                    lies churning rage
                    and naked hate
                    which once unleashed
                    would overpower all

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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