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'Cause all the cool kids are doing it ...

Actually, I'd seen the "Career Matchmaker quiz" listings floating around L.J. before, but ernunnos seems to have been the first person to bother posting the instructions on how to take it ...
Go to, put in username nycareers, password landmark, take the career matchmaker quiz, post the top results.
My list is behind a cut, because, as you know, I only want to Bogart your Friends List if I'm blithering ...

1. Desktop Publisher

2. Technical Writer

3. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator

4. Interior Designer

5. Animator

6. Multimedia Developer

7. Website Designer

8. Computer Animator

9. Writer

10. Critic

11. Artist

12. Graphic Designer

13. Medical Illustrator

14. Translator

15. Market Research Analyst

16. Exhibit Designer

17. Industrial Designer

18. Political Aide

19. Communications Specialist

20. Public Policy Analyst

21. Print Journalist

22. Fashion Designer

23. Video Game Developer

24. Geologist

25. Hydrologist / Hydrogeologist

26. Potter

27. Craftsperson

28. Costume Designer

29. Paleontologist

30. Computer Programmer

31. Set Designer

32. Forensics Specialist

33. Marine Biologist

34. Zoologist

35. Civil Engineering Tech

36. Computer Network Specialist

37. Home Inspector

38. Microbiologist

39. Business Systems Analyst

40. GIS Specialist

It is somewhat remarkable how many of those 40 careers I've either done in some capacity, or informally studied! Unfortunately, I'm not very good at drawing, so I don't see how "Cartoonist" made it all the way up to #3! Those "Analyst" jobs keep cropping up ... I'd talked to the CIA at one point and they thought I'd make a great Analyst .... but I just couldn't see moving out to the DC area, and they (unlike the FBI) don't have gigs at branch offices around the country.

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