BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

How come I didn't get the memo?

Last night at Toastmasters the "question of the day" during introductions was "Who is your favorite comedian and why?" ... while casting around in my brain for a favorite (and I honestly don't file things this way, which makes light chit-chat so difficult for me sometimes) out popped Bobcat Goldthwait. I used to really like Bobcat, and related to his shtick on a lot of levels ... I prefaced my comment by saying "I haven't seen much by him of late" and this was bugging me a bit today, so I went a'Googling. Bummer. No, he's not dead or anything, just that he gave up doing comedy back in '05 and has (it seems) been concentrating on a career as a Director (doing the Jimmy Kimmel Show, etc.). This makes me sad ... Bobcat was always like the unholy lovechild of Sam Kinison and Richard Lewis, and I really liked his act.

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