BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


OK, so, back when I was a kid, I was a huge "Make Mine MARVEL" comics fan, and I've had mixed emotions about all the myths of my youth coming to screen in ways that (to various degrees) did not quite synch with my recall. However, I just watched the new IronMan preview and it looks SO COOL!

Number one, Robert Downey Jr. nails the Tony Stark character ... he is as perfect for it as Jean-Luc Picard Patrick Steward was for Charles Xavier in the X-Men movies. Number two, THEY'RE USING BLACK SABBATH'S CLASSIC "IRONMAN" at least in the previews!!! So, both the 12-year-old boy (who read comics) and the 15-year-old boy (who rocked out to Sabbath) in me are peeing their pants in anticipation!

Can't wait ... can't wait ... can't wait ...

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