BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... so here I am ...

There is this current thing running around on my Friends list of posting embarassing pictures of oneself from one's youth. Since I am nearly off-the-scale into geezerhood in terms of L.J. stats, almost anything dating back to "when I was that age" is likely to be embarassing! Well, it took some digging, but I was able to find my High School year book from 1975, my senior year ... and here's my "official" pic, as scary as it is:

Man, I wanted to be Robert DeGrimston so BAD you can just see it oozing out of the pic. Oddly enough, my various self-selected senior quotes are not particularly embarassing to me ... good to know that I've been able to "stay the course" on what I've been about for 30 years!

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