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Argh ... not been posting, not been IRCing, not been visible at all ...

I'm in the middle of a HUGE mailing project ... sending out Unicity propoganda to everybody in my building. Now, I live in a big high-rise in downtown Chicago ... which has 52 floors of apartments, with (in its original configuration) 12 apartments per floor ... which means that (given that I didn't want to bother figuring out who had done converrsions to combine apartments) I'm sending out 624 letters.

To get ready for this mailing I had to:
- order 1,000 "Health Journal" newsletters
- order 1,000 "diabetes" postage stamps
- buy stationary ... matching letterhead and business cards, plus envelopes and labels
- print "for more info" stickers on mailing label stock
- put "for more info" stickers on 1,000 "Health Journal" newsletters
- fold 630 "Health Journal" newsletters to fit in a #10 envelope
- look up +4 zip codes for the building
- print 624 envelopes with the apartment numbers and applicable zip+4 address/barcodes
      - note: using ink-jet printer to do entire front of envelope ... return address/logo as well as address/barcode
- print 1000 laser business cards
- separate 1000 laser business cards from the sheets (a bigger pain in the ass than it sounds)
- print 624 letters (in runs of 20 ... groups of 120)
- sign 624 letters (signing them as they came out of the printer)
- fold 624 letters (20 at a time after they're signed)
- stuff business card and "Health Journal" newsletter into folded letter (groups of 120)
- stuff "stuffed" letter into each envelope (groups of 120 ... 10 floors per group)
- seal 624 envelopes (in groups of 120)
- stamp 624 envelopes (in groups of 120)

I'm in the last bit of this ... I've done 360 letters so far, so still have two sets of 120 (plus the last 24) to go. Since I've dated the lettes the 5th, I need to get these done today ... which should not be a problem unless I fall asleep at my desk (and I took a "pre-emptive nap" from midnight to 2 to avoid this).

Some days it's good to have OCD.

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