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Hey ...

I've been so beat up the past couple of weeks I've just not been able to post. That job that looked real good is now looking like it would be an insane trip down a particularly irritating rabbit hole, and unless I can get them to garuntee me that I'm not just signing up to be a glorified telemarketer (the guy was saying he envisioned my spending half my time making cold calls to voter lists ... and this for a job that is supposed to be coordinating all activities in huge area!), I'm going to tell them to forget about it. Frankly, I think this guy I'd be reporting to is the PROBLEM. I'll know better if and when we meet with his boss. Bleh.

My knee has been KILLING me for two weeks now ... leading me to be exhausted from dealing with the pain ... I got six hours of sleep last night (almost straight through) and it's not hurting this morning! This is VERY nice. I just hate how run-down my body gets when I can't schedule more that 2 hours of sleep.

Anyway, haven't been writing much either ... got this done on Saturday while Daughter #1 was in her swim class ...

                    HARD THINGS WITHIN HARD DAYS

                    everything collapsing
                    down to essential beats
                    everything dividing
                    along lines of decay
                    we are immersed
                    in pain and lack
                    and stare at the emptiness
                    of hollow future days

                    we fail to hold believing
                    and believe we only fail,
                    there is nothing here
                    which builds for us,
                    and so many things
                    which bleed us dry;
                    all our acts are mocked by worlds
                    that care nothing for our ways

                    every time some hopes arise
                    that we might see newness,
                    and contexts all our own,
                    reality slams down on us
                    in hard demands
                    without release
                    and brutal needs
                    of outer life

                    the nightmare never varies
                    the terror never stops
                    we are born to worlds too strange
                    too alien to soul,
                    we are trapped within a race
                    so blind and mad and vile ...
                    where the world which holds our kind
                    where the place of truth and light?

                    I am ground down,
                    abraded by these days,
                    all things within them
                    too sharp and hard
                    to allow us to survive,
                    let alone to thrive;
                    all purposes unspoken
                    demanding of our death

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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