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OK, so some of you may have noticed that you have not been seeing week-by-week updates on the Bears in here, as opposed to the constant drum-beat from last season. I must admit that this is very likely due to their not having done very well over the first quarter of the season (winning only 1 and losing 3).

However, last night they went up to the home of "ancient enemy" Green Bay and put together a come-from-behind victory over the previously undefeated Packers! Brett Favre, who had eclipsed Dan Marino's long-standing record for number of career touchdown passes just last week, tied another long-standing NFL record last night, George Blanda's mark for career interceptions. Needless to say, it's a lot nicer having that milestone come on the Bears' watch than the other!

Anyway, if you know The Bears, you know that beating the Packers is "job #1" for any season, and to go up to Lambeau Field, 3 games behind them in the standings, as serious underdogs, in front of a huge national audience, and put together a win like that, is very sweet!

Final score: Bears-27, Packers-20

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