BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

maybe my luck IS changing ...

Well, I dragged myself out this afternoon to go over to the White Hen to get a lottery ticket for tonight's Mega Millions, and, as there weren't a lot of folks in the lotto line, I went and checked my tickets for the past month or so in the little scanner machine. Now, I play $1 twice a week for "quick picks" on the Mega Millions ... it keeps "the probability envelope" open, but I really don't have much expectation to be making anything off of that aside making it possible that I might win the big prize. The way the odds are structured, I should win something every four months or so, and of late I'd been more like once a year. Well, I guess that got caught up on, as I had three winning tickets in September! Mind you, they were for $3, $2, and $3 ... but having 3 "winners" in one month is pretty amazing, and getting eight bucks back is better than the proverbial kick in the teeth!

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