BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I guess it's like riding a bike ...

I wrote my first new business proposal in something close to 15 years today (OK, maybe 14) and it went swimmingly, especially given that I had not heard anything about the project prior to yesterday morning and had about a 10 minute session with The Boss to "get me up to speed" on it with the appropriate dollar figures to plug in.

I hope The Bosses are getting the idea that they have more than a "press release monkey" on their hands! Just in case you're wondering my 4-week "internship" is up on Friday 10/26. Hopefully by Monday 10/29 I'll be a well-paid "virtual worlds developer" exec (oh, and they told me they had no problem leaving my tongue-in-cheek job title up in my bio on the web site ... "Propaganda Minister" ... heh!).

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