BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, ME of little faith ...

So, there it was, deep in the 4th quarter ... the Eagles had scored. We did squat. The Eagles were driving ... McNabb scrambled to convert a 3rd & 8 with maybe 3:14 left on the clock. I sighed, turned off the TV, came in to work on the computer.

I just pulled up and what do I see? A remarkable final drive by The Bears, they stopped the Eagles and got the ball back (on their own 6 yard line) at the 2 minute warning and drive it down the field with no timeouts ... Griese spikes the ball twice to stop the clock in the last thirty seconds, and they make the go-ahead TD with only 00:09 on the clock. Amazing ... the final: 19-16 Bears. There may be some hope yet.

I'm so embarassed to have assumed they'd been beaten when McNabb made that 1st down!

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