BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Well ...

I got officially told that I will be sitting down with the owners next Monday to actually "hire" me.

They have repeatedly stressed how impressed they've been with the projects I've been delivering, saying that I was going way beyond what they'd hoped for the position. They also just let go of the one guy on the team who I don't think much liked me. I, of course, now have my fingers crossed about the $$$. We have, amazingly, not discussed this at all except in the most general of contexts (such as how the "key team" have a certain percentage of stock reserved for them on all our "side projects"). As I've noted, I could conceive that the job offer would be for 1X, 2X, or 3X, where 1X would be too little money for us to be able to "make it" on (at least living where we do), 2X would be pretty much our "getting by" threshold, and 3X would be "quite nice, thank you". I'm still terrified that after all this they're going to be offering me the low end of that hypothetical pay range ... but also hoping that all the pumping-up I've gotten about how great I am is indicating that I'll be on the 3X side of 2X. All I know is that I'm so beat from work every day, there's no way I could add a second job on top of it, so I'm hoping it's at least "right around" the 2X guesstimate (or, higher, of course)!

Time to start burning those green candles for Brendan!

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