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I feel some meme'n comin' on ...

Well, this one has not spread like wildfire ... in fact, meryddian just had one taker (me) when she posted it in her journal. The point to the exercise is to respond to somebody's query to explain 7 or so of one's icons, then see if anybody wants to have you ask them about their icons ... or something like that. Anyway, she asked about mine, and here's my response.

I use this for my "white boy" posts ... having at least two Mayflower ancestors (and, yes, being a member of the Society for decades). Were I to post, say, Weird Al's brilliant White & Nerdy, this would be a good icon choice ... but most of the time it's easier to use if I'm being in an oligarchic snark than to do a quote from Zep's Immigrant Song!

Ah ... that's The Wife's business ... we bought her a franchise in ClubZ! In-Home Tutoring Services back in 2004. We'd hoped that this would grow enough for us both to make a living off it, but it's been nowhere near that successful. I've (obviously, from recent posts) rather detached myself from the business (I was officially "Area Marketing Director"), but for a while there I'd be making posts related to the business, so I came up with this icon.

(ahem ...) Well, this one is a slight bit of false advertising, given my Shamanic, etc., training and all (being that The Brights are nominally people whose "worldview is free of supernatural and mystical elements") ... perhaps my turning their logo over from its usual sideways orientation helps to indicate my being "not quite" Bright. Anyway, this one is useful for those posts bitching about Religious idiocy.

A while back I ran into some old pictures of me, and I found it amusing to make icons of them. This is a pic of me at one of my birthdays, probably when I was 5 or 6. My Mom convinced the Cattlemen restaurant in NYC (we lived on the upper east side of Manhattan back then) to have pony rides (as well as the stagecoach), and this is my big-city butt on some poor beast. The quote should be imagined as sung by Sparks, rather than as delivered by John Wayne.

The Black Oil
Obviously, the same pic as "Eye" (which I figured was a necessary L.J. icon), it's an X-Files reference, although the black in the TV series sort of swims in from the corner of the eye rather than bleeding out from the pupil. Inspired by some other animated icons that have subtle, yet creepy, motion ... this one is handy for flagging "freaky" posts/comments.

As one of the very early L.J. users, I was inspired by scottks' "user number" icon, and I wanted to do something similar, but not repetitive of his. Went with the number cycling through colors, which, unfortunately messed a bit with the background view (shot out my livingroom windows) when assembled into the animated file. Frankly, I almost never use this one unless I'm specifically making a point about being "one of the first three thousand" users around here.

Heh ... well, I'm 50 years old and most of the folks on L.J. are considerably my junior, so this is my "eyeing little girls with bad intent" icon! Or like it says there ... "Heh, heh, heh ..."

Oh, what fun, yah? Anybody gonna play?

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