BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Something from yesterday ... I'm SURE I'll be writing some lovey thing today!

Well ... here's what I wrote yesterday ... interesting themes in there ... not quite as explicit as some of the dreams other folks have been reporting, but interesting none the less.

I'm headed off for the hospital to give blood ... I figure it's the only tangible thing I can do (that I'm willing to talk about).

9/11 ... 911 ... 911 meet WW3

                    THE DARKNESS IN THEIR DAWN

                    too many ways downhill
                    too many things collapse
                    we can not control
                    the drive or flow
                    we can not gauge
                    the lines of force
                    which shape this chaos
                    and focus these disasters

                    these days
                    so much like dreams
                    gripped by pain
                    exiled from need
                    set alien from how the world
                    must really be
                    for us to thrive
                    or just survive

                    none here know
                    none here care
                    they are safe in sleep
                    and care not to wake
                    they are coddled
                    in the embrace of the beast
                    lulled to dullness
                    by its subtle song of lies

                    every thing we have
                    stands in hazard
                    every dream we seed
                    is slaughtered as a sprout
                    the malice of the day
                    eradicates all trace of growth
                    erases effort
                    obliterating acts of will

                    how can we still find strength
                    to strive against this
                    to face each dawn
                    rejecting the false day
                    to brace as rebel
                    and meet the blast
                    of mundane torrents
                    intent upon our death

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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