BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

As Spock would say ... "Fascinating"

Wow ... just took a quiz that I saw over in hollie_is_right's journal, which is USA Today's effort to do a match-your-candidate survey ... The Candidate Match Game

It's an interesting format, with bar charts re-writing under pictures of each of 17 candidates for every question you answer. Also, once you're done, you can give "weighting" to the various subject areas, which then moves things around again. It's fun, it's graphic, and it's also the FIRST time that "my guy", Ron Paul, actually came in #1 on one of these quizzes for me!

My results were:
1. Ron Paul
2. Fred Thompson
3. Mitt Romney
... which, interestingly enough, is pretty much how I'd rank my top 3.

What really shocked me (holding a card up to the screen to see how the next bunch lined up) was in the next three:

4. Rudy Giuliani
5. Sam Brownbeck

I am stunned ... Her Satanic Majesty came in ahead of 3 Republicans (Huckabee, McCain, and Tancredo) ... it makes me feel so tainted!.

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