BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

go me ...

As some folks may recall, I've set a general goal of reading 72 non-fiction books per year (averaging 6/month), which always feels like a huge mountain to climb at the beginning of the year. However, I find myself with nearly a week to go in November and having just logged the 71st book of the year into my LibraryThing collection! I'm about 20% done with another, which I anticipate having finished by the end of next week, and thus making my target with a whole month left to go!

Last year I only got in 73 books, so this leaves me with the leisure to attack a 900+ page monster that's been sitting around waiting me to be able leverage time for. I'm sure I'm not going to be thrilled with schlepping this hardcover beastie back and forth to work with me all December, but it's one of those things that I've figured that I "ought to have read", but has never quite fit in. I'm guessing that I'll probably end up with about 75 all told this year.

Of course, if you want to check out what I've been reading, go to which is a link into my LibraryThing catalog that should sort things (reverse on tags) so that my most recently read book is first and on backwards through the years (yes, I have been filing my library in "read order" for 20 years or so, which makes my "intellectual journey" fairly easy to track!).

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