BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

why, lookie there ...

Hey, it's a post ... from Brendan yet!

Yeah, I know ... I'm no fun any more ... I get up before dawn, take 2 trains and a bus, get into work, perform brilliantly all day, take a bus and two trains, get home (12-13 hours after heading out), have a bite to eat, read some e-mail and boards, and pass out.

So, be happy for any post you get out of me, OK?????

01/07: This one's been floating around my F.L. this morning, and thought I'd take it.

02/07: So, you're thinking to yourself: "Gee, I know that The Bears have a real snappy fight song, but I've never figured out what the lyrics are ... I mean, after all ... what's that 'T formation' stuff anyway?"

03/07: I just finished that big honking book on Tibetan art ... took me a solid month to slog through it.

04/07: I have to confess to being the "benignly oblivious" sort, so I'm a prime subject for being suckered in by these damn April Fools posts.

05/07: I'm always so happy when I launch into a "newage" book (for whatever reason) and find it not "silly", and this is another of those pleasantly-surprising volumes!

06/07: I've spent the past few days pulling together stuff for a table we're doing at The Girls' school's "Around The Owl" art fair.

07/07: Yeah, I fell asleep at my computer, which is bad for my circulation, but means I slept better (being able to breathe better slumped over the keyboard than I can anywhere near prone) than I have for the past few nights.

08/07: I may, just maybe, have a "temporary" job!

09/07: Been working on several long-term "have meant to get to" projects, which is good, but they were in the "meant to get to" category because they were big, messy, and in some cases complicated, which is creating a time drain which I have been ill-set to accommodate.

10/07: I logged in my 1,700th book into my LibraryThing catalog tonight!

11/07: Somehow my enthusiasm for getting up before dawn and making an hour-and-a-half commute has dwindled.

12/07: Yeah, I've not been posting much other than the book reviews ... pretty much I get home, grab a bite to eat, check my email and LJFL and pass out.

The concept here was to take the first line of the first post of each month of the year ... blame eyelid, as I snagged it from her journal!

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