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Such a clever lad ...

One of the things that I've been working on over the past couple of weeks has been setting up an Amazon store for Simuality ... not that selling books is a major part of the business plan, but we figured that if we're going to be a "full service" Metaverse company, we might as well make the various books about Second Life and other virtual worlds available through us (oh, and picking up 10% on each sale, too).

Of course, one of the "challenges" of having something like an Amazon store is driving traffic to it. I mean, sure there's a link to it from one of the sub-sections from the Simuality web site ... but how many people are going to find that? So, I set my brain a-churning about what we could do in-world that would be relatively unobtrusive yet a logical and effective method to get folks from S.L. to the store. Here's what I came up with ...

... a stack of books (actual top-selling Second Life guides), which has scripting associated with it that, when clicked, offers to launch a browser to go to the store! Now, obviously, this is drawing on some of my previous efforts, like the signs in the kiosk I'd done for The Wife's tutoring biz that linked out to her web site, and the work I'd done on "virtualizing" some of the old Eschaton Books titles when I thought I was going to be re-acquiring the rest of the stock of those (which I still might), and figured I'd try to sell them in S.L.

I "cheated" a little bit with these, though (heck, that's over $70 worth of books sitting there!), as I opted to work with titles that Amazon had the "Search Inside" feature on, giving me both front and back cover images, from which I dummied up plausible looking spines (when I did the Eschaton titles, I scanned those to have exact-as-possible in-world copies). I think they turned out pretty well, however.

So, once I got this done, I spent a while wandering around the various areas where I can "rez" stuff leaving this stack of books on conference tables, coffee tables, reception desks, etc., etc., etc. It may not drive lots of traffic, but at least it's making a decent effort!

Figured y'all would be fascinated ....

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