BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Strange Days ...

Wow ... last night it was 51° and drizzling in Chicago. The Wife and I went out to dinner to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary (to Bistrot Margot up on Wells), and walked home.

Today it was in the teens, with winds gusting over 40mph, resulting in sub-zero wind chills.

Oh, and the 5-9 Bears beat the 12-2 Packers by a score of 35-7. Yes, I guess for the Bears, beating the Packers is "Job #1", and aside from the Dallas Cowboys (who ended up getting home-field throughout the playoffs due to the Bears' win), only the Bears have beaten the Packers this season. As depressing as this year has been for Bears fans, this game gives a bit of a "moral victory" ... must be GSH messing with the weather again.

The Bears scored almost every way you can, they blocked a couple of punts and ran one in, Brian Urlacher intercepted a pass and ran it back 85 or so yards, we had running TDs, passing TDs (and had a "gimme" dropped), and didn't miss a field goal. Quite a sweet game to almost wrap up the season!

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Tags: da bears
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