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busy day ...

Well, Monday was pretty busy. The Girls got out of the house (to have a brief present exchange with another kid in the building) just long enough for us to get their presents out of the primary hiding place in the back bedroom (hard to sneak stuff out of in the middle of the night while they're sleeping) and into my office (much easier to conduct covert operations out of).

We then headed of to see The Golden Compass ... who knew that Nicole Kidman wanted to play Darth Vader so bad? A decent movie, but so thick with "borrowings" from other films that it seemed almost hallucinatory at times (and, geeze, couldn't they have let Sam Elliott have a shower and costume change after pulling him off the set of Ghost Rider?). Daughter #1 was shocked when the credits rolled, as there wasn't much tied up on any level in this one, although many of what I assume to be "plot events" from the source book had played out, and moved things along to the second film.

We "lucked out" in that the theater had the wrong film in the wrong theater, and had started running this early (for a minute or two) and said they couldn't re-wind it, so we just had to wait a bit (for them to move it to the right theater) and we got in for free.

Afterward, we ducked over to the Nordstrom's mall, hoping to get The Girls a shot at Santa, and some lunch. It turns out that the Nordstrom's Santa was off today, so we ate and then headed off to find a Hallmark store to let me pick up the having-so-far-eluded-me "Mischievous Kitten" ornament. After successfully finding the deeply-buried-in-an-office-complex Hallmark store (which still had four of these), The Girls were still into seeing Santa, so we headed on down into the Loop.

As we walked by "the store formerly known as Marshall Fields", The Wife suggested that we try for "The Macy's Santa", which turns out to have been inspired, as there was "almost no line" (in the way that rides at Disney might have "almost no line") and we were pleased to find that little, if anything, had changed from the days before the carpetbaggers had descended. The Santa visit completed (and the expensive, though quite good of The Girls, 5x7 portrait purchased), we headed home to start on the Xmas eve preparations.

We've been sort of "feeling our way" since my Mom died about Xmas. We have no friends or family within hundreds of miles, so it's just us. We've sort of settled in on doing home-made pizza for dinner, along with a dessert choice with a favorite of each of ours. Oh, and cookies ... have to make cookies for Santa (note to self: must eat cookies left out for Santa).

Having been going non-stop all day, The Girls cooperatively passed out. I, having been going non-stop all day slightly less cooperatively also passed out and The Wife ended up moving all the presents out under the tree rather than risk my not waking up (duh ... I'm here on the computer aren't I?) in time for the Santa Illusion to be maintained.

It's a mighty slim Xmas this year, as even though I am bringing in a paycheck, it's about 1/2 to 1/3 of "what we need", so we're still hemorrhaging money we don't really have. I just hope that the Venture Capital funds hit work soon so that my salary can move up to "where it ought to be" (I'm currently bringing home 1/5th of the median, 1/4 of the 25th percentile, for my job title in the office's zip code), before the shit currently in flight actually hits the fan. As it is, The Wife insisted that the only things she get for Xmas was stuff she'd gone out and "bought" for herself, and that ended up being with gift certificates she'd been given over the past year, so she's pretty much getting stuff "rewrapped". All I asked for was a renewed membership at the Museum of Contemporary Art, so we'll see how that plays out. It hasn't helped that her computer died a week back, and we've had to replace that.

Anyway, tomorrow is having The Girls dig into their presents, and our going out to dinner. I'm in one of those funky "I'm a failure" moods because we're economically so strapped. Yes, my current job is very cool, and very promising, but until either the V.C. money comes in or one of the major contracts we have floating around out there gets actually inked, it's all "make believe" that's paying "Secretary1" scale. We still could be "losing everything" and moving off to one of the various Siberias we took a look at in August before mid-year. I'm very scared and frustrated and sad and feeling like I'm letting everybody down.

Which is, I guess, about par for my emotional state for any given Xmas.

Ho, ho, ho ...

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