BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I hate to be so callous ...

Bhutto's assassination has made me wonder ... when you're dealing with people who will riot over fucking cartoons, what will they do when something serious happens? Frankly, the response (such as I've seen, but I've not been in front of TVs much) seems muted so far ... I guess for these types to get worked up they'd have to be able to blame it on Israel or something.

Personally, I hope that they find that Musharref had nothing to do with this (after all, he'd forced Bhutto to cancel another rally recently because he said they coudn't secure the site) and that it was the whacked-out Al-Queda fundy lunatics behind it ... after all, Bhutto was a woman and wasn't all "burka'd up", so I'm sure those shit-for-brains douchebags would have wanted her dead for being so "uppity". If there are any "moderate Muslims" out there, this would certainly give them an excuse to finally say something "disapproving" about their Jihad-crazed co-religionists!

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