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One of these days I simply must read some fiction ... I'm currently up to having read 2 fiction books out of the last 200 that I've gotten through (those were a couple of Discworld novels that a friend sent me back in 2003)!

Unfortunately, these days the very thought of reading something other than "serious non-fiction" just seems dirty ... like only being a quarter-step away from spending the time watching TV or something.

There was a time when I read quite a lot of fiction ... especially Sci-Fi (taking a look at my L.T. "author cloud", you'd think it was still a major area for me), sometimes buzzing through a dozen paperbacks a week. I guess at some point I figured that if I used that time for serious reading, it would "improve me" or something.

Anyway, just noting the thought ... brought up by my having just made a snarky post over in one of the LibraryThing group boards where they were indulging in much wailing and gnashing of teeth over "spoilers" (I've frequently pointed out that if they read more physics or archaeology they wouldn't have worry about "spoilers"!).

I just went back through the past 600 books I've read (about 20 years' worth ... conveniently, my library is set up in chronological order of reading, so I can see what I read when) and only about six of those are fiction. I guess I've been into this "1% fiction" mode for quite a while now!

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